rope access companies in dubai

rope access companies in dubai

Tall buildings and commercial towers in developed cities around the world invariably require to maintain their exterior windows and glass coverings to keep them tidy and shinning all through the year.

Ever since the early usage of rope access in Hoover Dam project in USA in 1930s, rope access techniques have become the safest, most reliable, fastest and versatile method to perform jobs at high altitude and dangerous peaks where other conventional means are ineffective.

If we analyze the history, rope access became widely known to people only after 1970. In 1980s, the technique had undergone some changes to be regulated and controlled by Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), a governing body formed in 1987.

The rope access methods used these days are absolutely safe, fast, versatile, environment friendly and cost-effective. The skill has solved many potent vertical access problems faced by industries around the world and has become the reason for fast industrial development.


Rope access method is the safest and effective way to reach most difficult parts of structures, whether internally or externally. The method doesn’t involve complex mechanism to set-up and remove which saves time and inconvenience caused to residents and surroundings. Besides, it is cost-effective and environment-friendly and needs only few technicians and equipment to perform the entire operations.

Where ROPE ACCESS can be used?

Rope access has diverse industrial applications as the skill can be used to perform variety of works performed at height. The method is helpful in doing high-rise window cleaning, façade cleaning and maintenance, offshore platform maintenance, construction of bridges and dams, communication towers and maintenance of several risky and hazardous works at heights.

Rope access can also be used for

How to find the best Rope Access Company in Dubai

Once you decide that rope access method you need to engage with, the next thing is finding the best rope access company who can deliver uncompromised quality of work for you. There are several rope access companies in Dubai, but how to select the best?

What to Look Out For?

The Qualifications: You should look for the companies which engage highly qualified technicians and professionals for work. The company also should adhere to the mandatory regulations and have proven track record for safety, quality and timely completion of works.

Previous Work Records

Though every company will use their skills and domain knowledge on your project, finding their previously completed similar works can aid your decision. For example, if your works involve high-rise window cleaning or façade maintenance, it would be ideal for you to find people who have completed similar works in the past as they will be able to understand your needs correctly and offer satisfactory solution.

Nature and quantum of works done

Generally, a company which has more completed projects, has more experience than others. As every rope access job is unique and challenging, a company which has more completed projects under their belt will be better positioned to handle wide range of challenges and provide better performance.


Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are in the business for many years providing rope access and maintenance services. We have fully equipped and qualified team who can perform full range of works at heights including maintenance and repair works on variety of buildings and high-rise structures.

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