Rope Access Building Facade Cleaning Services in Dubai

Green Smart Technical offers a comprehensive range of Rope Access services and solutions for Interior and Exterior Facade Buildings and Structures.
  • Green Smart Technical high-tech building façade glass cleaning by rope access is one of the primary services it provides in Dubai.
  • We have carved out a place for itself by providing high-quality cleaning services, and we have IRATA certified skilled trainers.
  • We provide façade cleaning services for all businesses, including apartments, shopping malls, colleges & commercial complexes.
  • We will execute the job in the shortest amount of time possible, at a reasonable cost, and with adequate equipment.

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Green Smart Technical – Facade Cleaning Companies in Dubai

High-tech facade glass cleaning is one of the key services offered by Green Smart Technical in Dubai and Gulf region. Having experienced and well trained technical staff to offer quality facade cleaning and maintenance services, Green Smart Technical has created a niche for itself by offering high quality rope access facade maintenance work. Also offering annual maintenance at affordable cost, the company strictly follows international norms and safety standards in all its operations to the best satisfaction of customers.

The costs for a facade cleaning depend on many factors, including nature of facade, area, cleaning interval, labor costs, and many more. Though automatic facade washing is available in many countries, the one which is most famous and widely used for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness is rope access technique.

Green Smart Technical offers facade cleaning service for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes. Whatever the height of the building, GST provides an efficient, safe and high quality cleaning service, even where access is treacherous and risky.

Rope Access High Rise Building Facade / Glass Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Why Facade Cleaning?

Facades are used to manage the thermal condition of buildings’ interiors and enhance their appearance. A sparkling facade leaves a lasting impression on visitors and potential customers. In Dubai, most of the buildings have environmentally friendly facades by not allowing heat reflection from the buildings to the atmosphere and saving energy.

So, it is important that regular cleaning and maintenance of facades be carried out, which will increase the longevity of buildings and maintain their property value.

Why Rope Access is Safe for Facade Cleaning?

More than 30 percent of the high-rise buildings in the world comprise glass facades. Cleaning a facade using conventional means such as scaffolding, cradle, platforms, ladders, or cranes is time-consuming and exposes workers to high risks. Moreover, there are many surfaces in the buildings or towers which are dangerous and difficult to access.

Green Smart Technical is a Dubai-based organization extending rope access services to works concerning high-altitude and dangerous scaling. Rope access is the worldwide accepted and adopted technique to reach any level of high-rise towers to perform maintenance or serve exterior components of the buildings such as window panes, glass panels, tiles, and facades.

Since facades are exposed to harsh weather such as dry heat, dust, rain, and pollution, to keep them sparkling forever, Green Smart Technical uses the latest cleaning method, which is safe and efficient and cost-effective, and durable.

The rope access workers are well trained in cleaning different surfaces, including plastic, glass, cement, fiber, etc. They have undergone rigorous training to ensure better quality service safe chemicals and avoid long-term damage to building surfaces.

Which is the best façade cleaning companies in Dubai?

Green Smart Technical is a reputable façade cleaning companies in Dubai, providing superior high-rise façade glass cleaning services. Green Smart, founded in 2011 and working with rope access professionals, can give a full value-added solution for remote access problems at heights. Green smarts, a one-of-a-kind approach to specialized high-level cleaning services and eco-friendly methods, assure the public’s and communities’ safety and welfare. With 1600+ Incredible projects, Green Smart Technical enters a new decade. We are providing more services in façade such as facade building washing, facade window cleaning, facade glass cleaning, building facade inspection, facade sealant rectification, building facade cleaning, and Exterior Facade Lights works.

What are the benefits of façade inspection?

The façade examination can detect any missing, broken, or otherwise damaged building façade parts that require urgent or near-term repair. Building owners’ liability is reduced as a result of façade inspections.

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