rope access cleaning in dubai & abu dhabi

Rope Access Window Cleaning in Dubai

Green Smart Technical is the leading Rope Access window cleaning company in Dubai offering high-class window cleaning services using the best of the technology with minimum to nil intrusion to the occupants of the buildings.

Using widely followed “Rope Access” technique to clean the windows of high-rise buildings and sky-scrapers of the UAE skyline, Green Smart Technical has scores of satisfied clients including in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other fast growing cities of UAE.

Rope Access Window Cleaning Company in Dubai

The greatest advantage one can see with Green Smart Technical compared to all other window cleaning companies in the region is the transparency in doing business and customer-centric focus which has resulted in customers reposing irrevocable faith and repeated orders for window cleaning and related works.

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Green Smart Technical has highly trained technical personnel who can undertake various difficult tasks including reaching men and machinery to the difficult peaks to perform minor to major repair works safely and efficiently.

Why Rope access brings in a lot of advantages to clients as the technology is internationally renowned, safe for any building, can perform in all-weather, cost effective, involves less number of people, environmentally safe, sustainable and consumes less time and energy to complete the work..

In the rope access technique, a pair of ropes is used to scale the height of any building. While one end is connected to the ground machine the other end fastened at the rooftop of the building. Special arrangements are made to take people safely up on the buildings to reach windows and perform cleaning and other maintenance works. Since both the ropes are connected with each other, there is absolutely no risk of snapping of ropes and employees meeting with accidents.