Rope Access Window Cleaning Services in Dubai

Green Smart Technical offers a competent and dependable Rope Access window glass cleaning service in Dubai for both residential and commercial clients.
  • We offer a high-quality and cost-effective Rope Access window cleaning service.
  • Our Experienced IRATA Certified Technicians are capable of doing any high altitude task.
  • Our Work is done in a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly, emphasizing reducing asset downtime.
  • We have an outstanding achievement of offering seamless services to our customers.

Rope access Window cleaner

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Window Cleaning Company in Dubai

One of the leading window cleaners for the high-rise towers in Dubai, Green Smart Technical has committed to provide quality and cost-effective window cleaning services using the most advanced rope access method.

Having qualified and experienced window cleaning personnel, Green Smart Technical has been in the business providing quality and timely services to its vast client base in and around Dubai, UAE. High rise buildings are scaled using rope access and windows are cleaned or washed safety and quickly without affecting the environment.

Window Cleaning in Dubai

Known for its prompt and sustainable window cleaning in Dubai, Green Smart Technical offers cleaning service to skyscrapers within the budget of the clients and also within the agreed period involving less workers and machinery. Since thorough planning is done in the initial stage itself, work is completed in an orderly manner much to the satisfaction of customers.

Rope access window cleaning is less cumbersome, less risky to workers, efficient, cost-effective, less time consuming and safe to environment.

At Green Smart Technical, the services are not restricted to only cleaning the high rise windows but offers maintenance and survey works, facade cleaning, and any other civic works which involves high altitude climbing.

Rope Access exterior building & high rise window / glass cleaning services in Dubai, UAE

Why High Rise Window Cleaning

Windows of high-rise buildings need frequent cleaning and maintenance, which not only keeps the exteriors clean but also enhances their life-span. Window cleaning or washing helps the building’s architectural glass panes free of dirt and dust and improves interior lighting.

Since modern day buildings use glass windows and facades primarily to boost ventilation and brightness of rooms, and also for ornamental or structural purposes, keeping windows neat and clean has become the priority for building maintenance officials.

Cleaning the windows of the high rise windows of the office buildings enhances the internal lighting and reduces the power consumption. With clear windows, one can have a panoramic outside view which improves the spirit of the inhabitants and guests. A view of the greenery from top of the buildings through windows enhances the feel-good-factor and also proves beneficial to visitors and employees. Window panes restrict noise entering into the rooms and also enhance privacy of the inhabitants.

What is the Difficulty in High Rise Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning and maintenance involves a lot of challenges and hazards since it involves performing the job at the dangerous and not so protective environments.

The conventional ways of cleaning windows in low-rise buildings cannot be applicable to high-rise buildings as windows are inaccessible. Removing dirt from windows or glossy exteriors of tall towers from outside needs special equipment and tools as going up without proper arrangement and protection would be unsafe. Only experts can do this dangerous and challenging work.

Why Rope Access for High Rise Window Cleaning?

Since Dubai has several high-rise and tall buildings, owners always look for dependable and sustainable window cleaning services which are cost effective, fast and safe to immediate environment.

Though there are a lot of ways to scale the high floors of the sky-scrappers, the one which is widely used and safe is rope access technique, where ropes are used to ascend and descend to and from the dangerous peaks of the buildings or towers.

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