rope access cleaning companies in dubai

rope access cleaning companies in dubai

Tall buildings and commercial towers in developed cities around the world invariably require to maintain their exterior windows and glass coverings to keep them tidy and shinning all through the year.

One of the most trusted and popularly used methods for reaching high-rise building windows and facades for cleaning and repair purposes is Rope Access where a pair of industrial ropes is used to make technicians reach work spots safely and swiftly.

While choosing the best possible access service, it is important to consider the structural design and height of the buildings, fall protection mechanisms, work tools, scenarios below the work area, time of completion of work and cost.

Why Rope Access for window cleaning services?

Rope access method has proved to be the best alternative and cheapest method for working at heights to other access solutions such as cradle, hydraulic ladders, scaffoldings or truck mounted crane. Through rope access workers can reach even inaccessible regions of the buildings where conventional methods such as water-fed poles can’t reach for cleaning or washing purposes. More so, rope access is less intrusive and environment-friendly besides providing quality service in lowest cost.

Safety is the key for rope access as any kind of building maintenance works can be carried out safely without any danger to workers and people around the work area. With advancement in technology and invent of latest equipment, rope access has proved be the safest method to conduct building repairs, washing windows, maintenance services and other high-risk high-altitude jobs as chance of accident is very less compared to other access methods.

Necessary Skills

Window cleaning service providers such as technicians and abseil workers need to possess high precision access skills. All our rope access window cleaners have proven competency and are known to exhibit the following skills in every project.

  • A thorough inspection of equipment before commencement of work
  • Clear understanding on the risks involved in each work procedure
  • Controlled descend and ascend
  • Keeping a well-oiled back-up system
  • Manoeuvring while changing between ropes
  • Safe installation and better access management
  • Choosing the best and safe anchorages
  • Taking care of third-party safety

Whatever be the kinds of rope access window cleaning service you may require, we can assure that our skilled rope access team can provide you with the best solution.

We have well trained and experienced access team who would thoroughly check and inspect the equipment before we use. We are fully compliant with the safety regulations and recommendations as per the government notifications and follow all safety practices strictly.

By choosing rope access work, we will ensure that there will be very minimum hindrance to your work place and environment and also no danger to your employees and nearby people. Despite the acrobatics involved in rope access work process, we are the safest, cost-effective and efficient rope access window cleaning service provider in the region.

More Qualified IRATA Technicians

Our technicians are qualified and our team comprises number of IRATA 3 (highest grade) technicians and IRATA 2 workers, who set the highest bench-marks in quality access services.

Best Professional Window Cleaning Services Dubai

Green Smart Technical offers an exhaustive range of high-rise window cleaning services in Dubai.

For questions about the services we offer visit our main site or you can always call us at +971 42 528702

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