How Frequently do You Clean Building Facade?

Clean buildings make a great first impression. However, one of the most overlooked parts of a commercial building is its facade. The facade is your building’s first impression, the state of the facade has a significant reflection on your brand.

Also, the dirty or poorly maintained facades can cause a red flag in the visitor’s mind, hence the regular cleaning of your exterior building much important for the business. The question is, when should you have your facade cleaned, and more importantly, how often should you have it done without disturbing your regular work?

How Often Should You Get Your Facade Cleaned?

Several factors determine the frequency of facade cleaning on your property, based on building purpose, location, landscaping, weather, working circumstances, budget, building style, etc…

For example, medical facilities, restaurants, and retail stores are the types of businesses that require frequent facade cleaning services as their industries require that they portray a clean and sterile image.

Benefits of Clean Building Facade

Aside from looking cleaner, there are a lot of significant benefits that your business can get from having your facade cleaned regularly.

  • Improves Staff Productivity
  • Helps Reduce Damage

However, what niche your business is in or what factors affect your building facade, it’s best to prioritize having your facade cleaned regularly without any interference in the job and work environment during office hours.

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