What is Façade Cleaning?

To put it simply, Façade cleaning stands for cleaning the exterior surfaces of a building. This is an essential process that helps ensure the building’s exterior is very clear and not with any dust, dirt, stains, or pollutants.

Speaking about facades, they are the flagships of buildings. Typically, they will be made of various materials, including stone, glass, wood, and even steel in some cases. Additionally, they are complicated surfaces too. Since they are getting exposed to environmental and different weather conditions, dirt will get settled and may lead to discoloration as well. Façade cleaning ensures the cleaning of priceless façades of clients with various techniques.

How to Clean Building Facades?

Do you know? Clean exteriors of a building always tend to create the best impression among people. In addition, it also enhances the perception of clients over the building. However, it is quite common for façades of buildings to get exposed to some of the adverse effects caused by various weather conditions and environmental impacts. Apart from this, there are numerous reasons why building facades may appear dirty. This includes the effects of dust, dirt, grime, rain, and pollution.

Hence, if you want to make sure that the exteriors of the building are clean and look new, you need a building façade cleaning.

What is the Importance of Façade Cleaning?

Needless to say, attractive and good-looking buildings demand façade cleaning that removes dust, dirt, lime, and other pollutants in an efficient manner. Besides decreasing the appearance of the building, these factors also reduce the value of the building. Building owners and architects invest a significant amount of money for good visual impacts and aesthetics. After all, the façade of any building+ is the foremost thing that a visitor sees. However, in the long run, the facades are exposed to a number of environmental factors and get dirty.

So, in order to make sure that your buildings have longevity with maintained property value and with sparkling clean exteriors, you need façade cleaning. Of course, you never want your precious company façade built with dirty spots and lose its property value. Here stands the importance of façade cleaning services.

Why You Should Hire External Façade Cleaning Professionals?

Whether it is a residential building or a commercial one, you should hire a professional façade cleaning company for regular cleaning of its facades. Since the appearance of the building builds a long-lasting impression among the visitors, effective cleaning is important. Still, façade cleaning is not an easy task. In fact, trained professionals are the best people to ensure clean facades. Especially with high-rise buildings, it really becomes a complex task to carry out façade cleaning services.

Trained professionals are the ones who have the expertise and the right knowledge, equipment, and accessories to reach the hard-to-access areas of the building easily and effectively. In fact, they carry out risk assessments to identify any potential hazards related to the works. Thus, hiring professionals reduces the risk of any accidents and gives you a cleaned façade.

How is Façade Cleaning Done?

If you look at specialists, they use a number of methods for cleaning the exteriors of buildings to make them look new. Since traditional façade cleaning techniques are no longer a viable solution in this modern era, new methods of cleaning have evolved.

In general, the façade cleaning of a building starts after analyzing its condition. The experts of the cleaning team, after undergoing such analysis, will determine the most appropriate cleaning procedures and equipment based on the evaluation.

Common Building Façade Cleaning Services Methods

  • Water cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning

Water Cleaning


If the buildings have typical dirt and grime, water cleaning is one of the conventional approaches to go.

In the Water Cleaning type, there are three methods with which you can remove dirt.

  • Pressure-Washing
  • Soaking
  • Steam / Hot-Pressurized Washing

Chemical Cleaning

For those cases where water-based treatments have less effectiveness, such as paint, coating, graffiti, and metallic stains, chemical cleaners are the way. In this methodology, the chemical cleaners are sprayed/brushed on the surfaces. Then they are allowed to settle for a particular period. Based on the results of the removal of substances, further applications may be carried out.

Abrasive Cleaning

Looking into the various methods that are available for cleaning stones, concrete, and masonry, abrasive cleaning is the right choice. Indeed, this process has been designed to address the cleaning demands of stain sits where you just can’t dissolve and wash away the stains. However, an abrasive kind of cleaning is not a recommended solution for r restorative facade cleaning projects.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Facade Cleaners

  • Restores the surfaces of buildings to the good original condition.
  • Regular façade cleaning prevents the building from natural calamities and gets rid of dirt and dust buildup.
  • Good impact among visitors when perceiving the company.
  • Your building facades become tidy and durable.
  • Maintains the property value since the façade cleaning helps in avoiding damages or deterioration of the building.

So, if you are interested in maintaining the exterior of your building and want to impress the visitors who enter your building premises, keep it in good and clean condition with façade cleaning services.

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