How to clean the Skyscrapers/High Rise Building Windows?

Tips How To Find a Professional Cleaning Company in Dubai

The skyscraper is a vertical high-rise building with more than 40 floors; especially Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the major places having more of Skyscraper/High-Rise Buildings with elegant look, sparkling glass windows and designer facades.

Benefits of Rope Access Technique

  • Can complete the job with fewer personnel with limited time
  • Easiest and cost-effective option
  • Safest way to reach the high-rise building and skyscrapers
  • Very easy to install and dismantle the equipment compared to cradle method
  • Flexible option i.e. can easily reschedule the work plan during the changes in weather (rain, storm/crosswind, etc…)

Which is the best way to clean High-Rise Windows/Facades and Why?

To clean the High-Rise Building/Skyscrapers cradle and rope access method is used to clean the high altitude surfaces.

Cradle Method

Cradle method can cause damage to building’s window, facades, and other surfaces during the weather changes like storm or crosswind or in the loss of control in holding the cradle equipment.

Rope Access Method

Rope Access Technique is the easiest, safest and effective way for External Building cleaning for skyscrapers. This rope access cleaning service can only delivered by the expert Rope Access Company who have IRATA certified professionals because they are trained to reach the high altitude locations of the buildings in safe and secure manner.

Best Rope Access Company in Dubai

Green Smart Technical is the leading Rope Access Service Provider in Dubai, offers various cleaning services by highly-trained IRATA professionals. We have a proven track record for delivering a range of external building cleaning services and other maintenance works such as painting, exterior mechanical and electrical works for residential and commercial High-Rise Buildings, etc…

We provide the following Rope Access Services in Dubai,

How we differ from others?

  • Delivers safe and effective cleaning services
  • Use pure water and germ-free liquids for cleaning solutions
  • Can get afree quote for you desiredcleaning and other rope access services
  • Cost-effective and hygiene service when compared to others

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