Well maintained tall buildings housing offices and residences always fascinate visitors, employees and clients, and also the incumbents. However, if these buildings are not properly maintained, it can pose various risks to building and users apart from creating negative impact due to their unimpressive looks.

Maintaining residential and commercial towers needs highly skilled people who are certified and experienced to climb dangerous locations of the buildings and perform cleaning, fixing, maintenance or repair works safely and effectively.

Climbing dangerous highs to perform various repair works is no mean task. Building owners who choose traditional maintenance methods often face problems due to high maintenance cost, disturbance due to heavy equipment and scaffolding, noise and environment pollution and security threat.

Traditionally building owners opt go for popular ways to maintain their high-rise structures.

Still Cherry pickers and scaffolding remain the common choice for high rise building access in many parts of the world. However, they have disadvantages due to exorbitant cost, slow work progress, disturbance factor, high risks to workers and low quality of works.

Scaffolding also needs permits and takes days to build and dismantle, and can also cause disturbances for longer period to residents, workers and people around the structure.

Rope Access for Building Maintenance

High rise buildings need to be maintained regularly in terms of cleaning windows and facades, exterior tiles, glass coverings, and also inspection to locate cracks and other forms of structural damages and perform repairs.

Rope access has been proved to be the safest, fastest and most economical method to take care of building needs.

How it works!

The greatest advantage of rope access is that abseiling technicians do not carry heavy equipment to do the high elevation jobs. Instead, they are secured by two ropes which attach them separately to eye bolts on the buildings. These technicians are trained and certified by International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

Rope access is highly safe and easy way to work on high rise buildings which have difficult access points and inhospitable conditions. Unlike traditional means like scaffolding or ladders, it doesn’t pose disturbance to building occupants and people but complete work faster with minimal safety and security risks. It also involves less people as highly skilled technicians fastened with tools get access from building tops instead of ground levels. It doesn’t cause trip hazard and no ground level obstructions to people entering and exiting the building.

Maintenance cost

Building maintenance should be done regularly and hence involves cost to owners. Hence it is prudent to use the latest technology to do it efficiently and save money. Rope access provides the best bet for them as it helps them to complete the work quickly, efficiently and with economically. With fewer number of skilled people, and no cost for scaffolding and other heavy equipment, rope access provides the best solution for the maintenance of buildings.

Finding Rope Access Companies

When you look for the best rope access companies, you should see their track records before choosing the best for your building. Companies with highly experienced and IRATA certified technicians should be preferred along with their service records.

Green Smart Technical Rope Access has been in the business for many years and has an impressive client. Several high-rise buildings in UAE and Dubai are under their direct supervision and maintenance call for several years which proves the point of their popularity and service efficiency.

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