Skyscrapers need periodic external and internal maintenance. Outside works involve glass window cleaning and maintenance, facade erecting or any other civil works which need sophistication and techniques to reach high altitudes safely.

High rise window cleaning companies in Dubai are using the latest equipment to access dangerous peaks to perform maintenance or repair works. One of the outstanding methods used by companies in Dubai involved in high altitude work is “rope access” which offers environmental-friendly, safe and cost effective method of exterior maintenance or repair works.


Compared to all other traditional means of window cleaning, rope access technique is less hazardous to workers and offer reliable and fast completion of works. While conventional methods of using ladders and other means offer cumbersome work environment, rope access involves a well planned strategy to complete works within the specified period without affecting the immediate environment and occupants of the buildings.

The technique involves two ropes running from the top to bottom of the buildings. While one side of the rope is tied at the top of the building, the other end is engaged with a machine located on the ground. In between provision has been made for workers to sit and perform their work safety. They are also provided space to keep their tools and other material required for their work.

Besides, high rise window cleaning companies in Dubai use advanced technology, trained staff and adhere to international safety standards to make assignments safer, quicker and cheaper.

Among the companies which are involved in high rise window cleaning operations in Dubai, Green Smart Technical stands tall which not only offers reliable, efficient and safer glass window cleaning for high rise buildings in Dubai, its highly talented workers offer post installation maintenance and advisory services.

Green Smart Technical in Dubai offers rope access services for window cleaning and maintenance works across UAE and has earned an enviable customer base within a short duration. Following international norms and standards on providing cost-effective, high quality and sustainable window cleaning works across UAE, Green Smart Technical’s services are environment friendly.

Apart from window cleaning, we also offer all other maintenance and repair works associated with high rise buildings across UAE.

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