Dubai skyline is dotted with several high rise buildings and skyscrapers with the city housing the world’s tallest tower. One would wonder how these buildings were built. What were the safety techniques used to reach the workers to the dangerous peaks to carry out construction activities such as lifting construction material, cementing, roofing, paintings, etc without compromising on their safety, health and immediate environment?

Also, post construction, the exterior and interior of the tall buildings need frequent maintenance and cleaning. Particularly, the exteriors which have glass surfaces, glass windows and panels, facades and other glossy tiles, require regular maintenance and washing to avoid getting dusty and losing sheen.

More so, keeping the glass windows clean gives a good panoramic view of the outside world to those viewing from the top floors of the skyscrapers. But most of us did not bother to think about the efforts and risks involved in such high altitude access works done by workers and technicians.

Thanks to the technological innovation, we have a safest, fastest and highly dependable way to reach the top most floors of the high rises and perform any types of work – safely and efficiently.

Known as ‘rope access technique’ companies around the world offer high-altitude services using this method, which is not only safe, secure and environment friendly but also cost effective, fast and sustainable too.

Owners of the high-rise buildings look for rope access companies in Dubai , UAE for their annual maintenance of their buildings, exterior cleaning services or any other repair works which involves climbing to dangerous peaks without any supporting system. There are several rope access companies in Dubai rendering services such as exterior washing, cleaning and repair of window panels and erecting and maintenance of glossy facades.

Green Smart Technical Services LLC, a Dubai-based company, has been involved in providing high quality window cleaning and other maintenance services to high rise structures across the UAE.

Highly recognised for its world-class services, the IRATA certified technical team of Green Smart Technical offers tailor-made services to clients following the international standards.

Some of the services offered by Green Smart Technical include high-rise window cleaning, exterior cleaning, maintenance of glass panels, erecting and servicing of facades, polishing glossy exterior surfaces, among others. Having enviable customer base across UAE, the company is on forefront offering dependable, quick, high-standard, planned and sustainable rope access services.

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