High-rise buildings need regular exterior maintenance. Most of them are now fitted with glass panels and facade which not only help to save energy for buildings but also give enhanced lighting, look and panoramic outside view. Dubai has many skyscrapers with world’s present tallest structure Burj Khalifa being situated here.

All these buildings’ exteriors need regular maintenance to increase the life cycle of glass panels and facades. Facade Glass cleaning are specialized services which need highly sophisticated instruments and experienced workers for effective and safe execution of maintenance or repair works.

Glass cleaning services in Dubai are now- a-days are done through advanced rope access technique, which not only provides fast and efficient completion of work but also ensures accident- free and low cost service. Similarly, facade cleaning services too are executed through rope access method. Workers hang through a pair of ropes, whose one end is fastened at the roof while another at the equipment positioned on the ground. Seating for a worker and space to keep his tools and other materials are provided for effective work execution.

Earlier, glass cleaning service and facade cleaning service were usually done through conventional means such as ladders or using cranes etc. But, as the height of buildings went up considerably, new techniques came into being and rope access is one of the effective and safe methods of reaching any floor of the buildings or dangerous peak of towers to perform maintenance and repair works.

Green Smart Technical, a Dubai-based company, offers sustainable and low cost rope access service across UAE. Having pioneered in facade cleaning services, we use advanced techniques to execute our works within the stipulated time without affecting the immediate environment. Having trained staffs that adhere to international safety standards in performing rope access work for facade cleaning, our services are cost effective, risk free and reliable.

We are committed to safe environment and hence none of our services contributes carbon footprints to the environment. We also offer rope access services for all types of cleaning and maintenance works of buildings exteriors across UAE.

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