Rope Access – the easier and safe way to maintain high-rises

Hundreds of thousands of people in the world work in hazardous work environment. Climbing skyscrapers to do maintenance of facades and window panels is one among them which needs sophistication and planning as it involves risk for those associated with the operation.

The advancement in technology has made the work safer and easier. Rope access technique, as it is popularly known worldwide, is used to clean window panels or do any other maintenance work in the high rise buildings.

Earlier, there used to be traditional ways of climbing high-rise buildings to perform the given works. But as the height of the buildings went up, these techniques became redundant forcing companies involved in such operations look for alternative technology to make the work easier, safer and faster for their staff.

Companies are also investing heavily on managing staff and machinery involved in rope access work. These technicians and workers are trained to handle ropes and machines for smooth completion of work much to the satisfaction of building owners or customers.

Unlike traditional way of maintaining high rise buildings, rope access technique involves less time and workers and is environment friendly. Since the work can be completed in shortest possible time, the incumbents of the buildings and people surroundings are not affected by the rope access work.

Another important factor is cost of the project. Since time, number of workers and material involved in the projects are less, the cost of managing interior and exterior of any medium to larger/taller buildings is less compared to traditional ways.

Though there are many organisations offering rope access services in Dubai, Green Smart Technical stands apart as services offered by it on rope access are highly rated by the industry.

Green Smart Technical (GST) is a Dubai-based organisation having expertise in providing window cleaning services across UAE. GST offers effective, fast and cost-effective services to both commercial and residential buildings. Using the latest rope access technology, we are specialised in maintaining exterior of buildings, including facades and glass panels.

Having highly trained staff and sophisticated machinery, Green Smart Technical has been able to create a niche among its peers in providing efficient and low cost services to the customers in the Gulf region.

For any kind of exterior maintenance of commercial and residential high-rises, contact here.

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