Facade Cleaning Services for high rise buildings are a highly complex task. It involves the use of personal protective equipment like guard rails and security ropes. High-rise buildings require proper maintenance to be attractive and eye-catchy. Trained Facade Cleaning Professionals are trained to access those hard to reach areas efficiently and easily.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential, but building’s facade bears the brunt of environmental stress and ever-changing weather conditions such as rain, dust and pollution won’t help your Building’s outlook. If any certain action is not taken, then the quality of living decreases and eventually dirt accumulation may also lead to structural problems. A regular care and upkeep is extremely important for maintenance of the overall condition of the structure and the property value – and we’ve been doing it for a long time!

High Rise Glass building is a sign of social status and prestige for many multinational companies and we take every possible step to protect and clean your building’s Facade by usage of chemical free liquids and equipment during our service. Buildings of big brands in industry made up of glasses, which gets affected by wind, snow, rain etc.and we provide a high range of facade cleaning services through Rope access service to maintain the outlook of the building. We have a team of experienced rope access professionals to maintain the buildings using facade cleaning service.

All of our professionals are well trained and provide best solution for your needs in all the aspects of cleaning the facade. We ensure the long lasting gloss for high-rise building and also trained for handling windows in ground level buildings as well as skyscrapers. We carry out full risk assessments prior to commencement of work to highlight any potential hazards, and we implement appropriate control measures in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

Rope access method for facade cleaning is an extremely flexible method of cleaning hard to reach areas where access cannot be gained in any other way. Our Rope access cleaning has an excellent safety record in the UAE, and is one of the most flexible and cost effective facade cleaning solutions available. Our staffs are highly experienced to tackle the challenges and our teams have an exemplary safety record, supported by our legacy of industry-leading safety performance.

How to Get Professional Rope Access Services in Dubai?

To get a professional Rope Access Services in Dubai, Green Smart Technical is the right choice for you for cleaning the facades of High Rise buildings and we set a standard in our industry by continuously improving our safety performance.We also offer various services in an Eco-friendly manner for all types of buildings using Rope Access Technique such as,

If you have any queries, contact us through our website, blogs, and other social media sites.All you need to do is call us or send us an email about your building and our staff will get in touch with you and we’ll take care of the rest!

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