How Do You Clean Cladding?

Cladding is used in building to serve as a protective layer that safeguards against weather conditions. Typically, Cladding is added to cover the exterior of the building to improve its aesthetics. Since a building stands as a brand image for a business, it should be cleaned well.When the fair and neat look of a building can say a lot about you, you should lift its exterior by cleaning the cladding. By choosing Cladding Cleaning Services, you make sure that your cladding is brought back to the highest standards and looks appealing and new.

Is Cladding Important?

If the building’s facade has been built up with dirt and debris, it certainly brings unprofessional appeal to the business. In addition, it may tend to capture the attention of shoppers/clients since you have not cared for its exterior look. Here cleaning cladding is the most appropriate solution. Of course, without any doubt, in order to prevent corrosion and discoloration of the building, you should keep it clean and tidy.

There are so many reasons that highlight the importance of clean cladding. Let us list a few here.

1. Cost-effective solution for improved aesthetics

Do you know? There is a cost-effective solution to make your building aesthetics have sparkling cleaning and look new. It is clean cladding. In fact, it is an essential aspect of building maintenance.

2. Safeguards your building

Indeed, the core purpose of the cladding is to give strength to the building. Moreover, it also protects the building against various weather conditions such as wind, rain, and other natural calamities. Since it is evident that it is added to protect the building, it can have adverse effects if you don’t clean it.

3. Improves your brand value

It is true that improved exteriors of a building tend to instill a good brand value among the people. Nothing can be worse than a customer visiting your building and finding that the building has dirt build-up and is left uncared. Just like you care about your appearance to have the best impression of your business, it is also essential to look after your building’s appeal.

4. Warranty considerations

In most cases, the cladding manufacturers will include a warranty with their products. However, it will be given under the conditions of regular cleaning of Cladding. Hence, if you want to have the benefits of warranty claims for your Cladding, it is essential to have regular maintenance and cleaning activities.

5. To avoid deterioration and improve the longevity of the building

It is very simple. If you clean clad regularly, you increase its life. Furthermore, regular cleaning will get you the early signs of damage and other issues. So, you can take care of it in the early stages of problems and prevent its deterioration. In addition, it also saves you from some costly repairs. Offering regular clean windows and clean cladding activities will help the building in extending its life for years to come.

Variety of Cleaning Methods for Different Cladding Types

There are different types of cladding, and each type requires a different cleaning approach. Let us see here some of the cladding types and their appropriate method of cleaning.

1. Timber Cladding

Besides appealing, timber cladding is also becoming a trend due to its durability. Apart from adding a facelift to a building, this type of Cladding serves as an environmental solution. One of the foremost things to do for timber cladding cleaning is to remove the stains and make it prepared for a fresh coat of paint. With the use of a cleanser, a strong bristle brush, and water, you can remove the stains of surface fixtures and sun exposure marks. Pressure washing is also an excellent alternative for timber cladding. It is an effective as well as an eco-friendly way of getting rid of dirt and grime without damaging the coating.

2. Metal Cladding

Although metal cleaning may not be considered the most appealing solution, it is still durable. Moreover, metal cladding is very cheaper in terms of maintenance.
One of the most effective methods for metal cladding cleaning is pressure washing the surface. Though it can bring you immediate results, yet not a long-lasting solution. There are a few things to consider in cleaning metal cladding:

  • Identify the type of dirt you are removing
  • Based on the dirt type, apply the appropriate method of cleaning
  • Identify the type of dirt you are removing
  • A soft bristle is useful in cleaning visible dirt such as cobwebs.
  • Harsh chemicals are not advisable on metal cladding.

3. PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is a commonly used type that offers numerous ranges of colors and finishes for appealing styles.

  • Use warm soapy water and fresh water along with a non-abrasive cloth for cleaning
  • gently wash down the surfaces to get rid of dirt
  • For stubborn stains/marks, you can let the soap soak on it.
  • Dry the Cladding with a clean microfiber and then apply a formulated PVC cleaning agent using a soft cloth.

4. Stone Cladding

Despite the fact that stone cladding enhances the loveliness of the building, it is still difficult to maintain. However, with proper cleaning measures, you can make it look new for a number of years.

Since this kind of stone cladding is less susceptible to dirt, all you need is water and a cloth to clean it. In cases of rigorous stains and dirt that are hard to remove, you can use a detergent based on the type of stones used.

5. uPVC Cladding

With so many types of cladding in giving the exterior appearance, one of the most valuable solutions for money is uPVC Cladding. It’s a perfect cladding choice for easy-to-clean seekers.For cleaning uPVC Cladding, you need warm soapy water and a non-scratch sponge for a quick wipe down. This helps in easily removing the dirt build-up on the exteriors.
Make your building cladding look good to the eyes with regular cleaning.

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