rope access cleaning in dubai

Maintaining health, safety and environment while maintaining windows of high rise buildings in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the few countries in the world which has a perfect waste management system to keep the environment clean. Right from throwing wastes to controlling green house gases, Dubai municipality and federal ruling system have formulated stringent rules for maintaining cleanliness, not only in public places but also for industries and high-rise buildings.

Since Dubai has one of the largest number of high-rises with Burj Khalifa being the tallest tower in the world, keeping both interiors and exteriors such as window panes and facades clean is a daunting task for companies particularly involved in the business of high rise window cleaning.

For companies in Dubai, it is important to keep their exteriors clean to improve their business interests and also to maintain the environment free from pollutants. Apart from saving energy due to brighter interiors, clean and transparent view through widow panels of the high rise buildings not only excites guests but also helps workers to remain healthy and perform better.

Cleaning high-rise building windows poses a great challenge to companies involved in the business and only brave hearts can take up such a challenging work. Green Smart Technical (GST) is the leading windows and facades cleaning service provider for high rises – commercial, residential and mixed-use developments – in Dubai, which has the latest technical know-how with international standards to provide the services under hazardous-free environment.

Hazardous it may seem the well-trained professionals of Green Smart Technical who use the latest rope access or Abseil technology for window cleaning, follow strict safety norms and guidelines prescribed by the municipality and international boards to provide fast, efficient and accident-free services in Dubai.

Since Dubai, like any other Middle East cities, experiences rough weather such as high heat and wind waves, windows and facade cleaning becomes an uphill task for workers who have to hang in the air with the help of suspended ropes fastened from the roof tops of skyliners.

Having envious record of providing smooth and risk-free services to its clients, Green Smart Technical method of organising commercial window cleaning in high rise buildings is not only reliable but also convenient, less time consuming, environment friendly, flexible and affordable too.

Also, the technology can be used for any other setups and can be installed and dismantled in shortest possible time without affecting the normalcy of the incumbents of the buildings which are undergoing exterior cleaning operation.

Being a pioneer in the window cleaning business, Green Smart Technical has won several projects and contracts from skyscrapers across Dubai for maintenance and window cleaning and has been maintaining a good customer satisfaction record ever since its inception in Dubai.