rope access cleaning companies in dubai

rope access cleaning companies in dubai

High-rise buildings and commercial towers often need services for cleaning, repairing or maintenance purposes. Gone are the days when people used scaffoldings, ladders or other traditional means to climb buildings to perform works which are not only dangerous and costly but also time consuming and environment unfriendly.

In today’s modern world where everything is technology driven, accessing high rise towers and difficult peaks too has evolved. Using a pair of ropes and a few supportive equipments with very minimal man-power, any corner of the towers can be reached and materials sent without compromising on safety, quality, cost, speed, accuracy and efficiency. The technology is known as “rope-access” which is being used worldwide by industries for any kind of works which involve sending workers and materials to dangerous spots on the high-rise structures.

Why do we need rope access for industries?

Due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility coupled with speed and safety, industrial rope access is preferred over other methods such as cherry-pickers or scaffoldings. By choosing rope access, a lot of hassle such as getting work permit, controlling traffic in the surroundings and delivering heavy materials and equipments, can be avoided. With rope access, the building owners can be rest assured about completion of works on time with astute perfection, no clearing works or no accident worry.


As we said earlier, technology has lessened the burden on workers while increasing the efficiency and quality of work. Similarly, rope access technique saves building owners in terms of cost for renting scaffolding items, hiring people to construct and remove them, time consumed while erecting and removing, and plus the inconvenience caused to neighbours.


Industries prefer rope access with other conventional methods because of its speed and accuracy in reaching heights, performing repair or maintenance works, bringing materials safely to inaccessible locations and completing the works well within the agreed time. Compared to scaffolding, which can take a few days to erect, rigging for abseiling will take only a couple of hours to set-up.


The best part of rope access is that it can be used anywhere on building exteriors and for any kinds of works. Such flexibility can’t be expected from other methods. Also, one doesn’t require a large space or level surface to operate rope access equipment unlike scaffolding or manual escalators. With rope access, workers can reach the affected areas quickly and inspect the areas for repairs and replaced.


The safest method to climb the dangerous heights of concrete structures is by following rope access as there is no need for safety net beneath the operating area unlike other methods. As a pair of ropes is sufficient to provide safety to workers while operating at elevated places, the accident rate is minimal unless the quality of ropes is poor or worn-out. This is impossible as all rope access service providers have to follow prescribed safety regulations and standards which make them use quality material including ropes and other equipment.

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