rope access cleaning in dubai & abu dhabi

Providing the best rope access service in Dubai, UAE

High-rise buildings or sky-scrappers need periodic maintenance and repairs. Scaling dangerous heights to perform the necessary operations safely and efficiently need good amount of techniques and skills. Since human involvement is necessary to perform work at high peaks of commercial and residential buildings, sophisticated equipments along with well trained workers and technicians are necessary to perform the operations safely and diligently.

Modern technology has given us safe and secure method of reaching to any level of sky-scrappers effortlessly to carry out maintenance or repair works. In olden days, people used to depend on conventional methods which were not only time consuming and risky, but also affected the lives of people around the site till the completion of the work and incurred huge cost for owners.

One of the most adopted methods to perform high-rise jobs is through “rope access” where companies involved are offering all kinds of maintenance and repair works without compromising on the safety, quality and sustainability.

As a leader in providing rope access in Dubai, UAE, Green Smart Technical has been offering the advanced, cost-effective and reliable services to customers in and around the UAE.

Having IRATA certified personnel who are experienced and committed in providing safe, sustainable, fast and quality rope access services at dangerous altitudes, Green Smart Technical has made an unassailable mark since its inception due to the indisputable faith reposed by the satisfied customers.

Since Dubai skyline is dotted with several residential and commercial high-rise towers, they require frequent cleaning or repair of window panels, washing or painting of exteriors, and also unforeseen repair works.

Green Smart Technical offers all these services not only in Dubai but also in other Emirates. Offering safe and environment friendly service to clients, rope access method used by Green Smart Technical is within the framework of international safety standards. A pair of ropes is used to scale the required part of the building with one end of the ropes being fastened on top of the building and other end being linked with the associated equipment on the ground. While workers are supported by ropes, each individual’s rope will have an emergency descent system in case of snapping of ropes, which is highly remote.

Rope access technique is used to clean the exterior of the high-rise buildings, wash or repair the window panels, erect or install the facades or any other construction works where conventional access is not feasible. By not using cranes or high-powered lifts, the cost of work done using rope access is considerably low along with reduced risks to workers and disturbances to buildings’ inhabitants and surroundings.

The certified technicians of Green Smart Technical are committed to quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction. All rope access works or projects are undertaken to its logical completion following safe system of work all the times with no damage to property or environmental effect.

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