Pressure Washing Company in Dubai

Green Smart Technical is a Middle East based industry, providing rope access services with varying scopes and it is one of the leading Pressure Washing Company in Dubai, UAE. It was established in 2011 and provides a value added comprehensive solution for high-altitude heights with safer and cost-effective.

We are Technical Rope Access Professionals and pressure washing equipment experts all in one, which makes us Best in UAE. Pressure washing by rope access method is a process that should be carried out by Professional Pressure washers. They not only access the locations which are extreme but also carry out their required works with safety when getting there.


Rope Access Technique

Since 1995, Rope Access Technique has been developedas a means of access for all types of work in sectors including construction works, petrochemical industry, commercial buildings, residential buildings, and many more.

The objective of Rope Access Technique is to plan, handle and carry out the work with minimal incidents/accidents and dangerous occurrences. Rope Access Equipments can be installed and removed within a shortperiod of time which offers greater flexibility and speed to work at height.


Why Rope Access?

Green Smart Technical offers a range of rope access pressure washing services in UAE. Our services are done with professional Pressure Washers in an eco-friendly manner and give you expected results.

The implementation of rope access pressure washing services enables your projects to be delivered on time and cost-effective. Rope Access Techniques are carried out with high level of safety standards and our approach is Safe and Best practice amongst workers.


Necessary skills for Rope Access

  • Equipments must be inspected properly before it is used
  • Understanding workerperceptions and risks
  • Selecting and imposing the safe anchorages
  • Implementing the basal rescue of workers


Advantages of Rope Access
  • Rope access services are cost effective
  • Minimizes the set-up time
  • No disruption to ground level
  • Greater access to confined areas


Our skilled rope access technicians can access your high rise building or structures, and provide pressure washing services safely and whatever requirements you need. All operatives are professional rope access technicians and equipments used are thoroughly inspected and maintained. With rope access service, we will create the minimal disruption to your workplace and it is the safest and cost efficient method of pressure washing with customer satisfaction.

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  • High Rise External Glass Cleaning
  • Building Painting Services
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