Like the external appearance plays a major role in forming first opinion about a person, the exterior of your commercial establishment should be appealing to your customers when they come to your place to do business with you. Exteriors which are dull and unpleasant can turn away customers.

You can keep your interiors such as reception areas, conference rooms, business areas, recreation spots, rest rooms and individual cabins tidy and spic and span, but what about the windows and glass panes which can provide the outside view to your visitors or even to your staff? Should it not be clean to provide a panoramic view of the outside world?

Not only the widows and other see-through surfaces, the exterior of the building that includes facades, sunroofs, windows and panes should be neat and clean from dirt and stains so that it give a good appearance from outside.

Cleaning the widows of high-rise buildings is a specialized work done by experts who have expertise in doing such jobs with the help of the latest technology. One of the most famous and safe methods used by companies involved in window cleaning is rope-access.

Cost of the commercial window cleaning

Window cleaning charges vary according to place, number of windows, quality of work, experience and risk factors. Generally, companies charge at flat rate per window or on hourly basis. Both are fine, provided you clarify all other matters before starting of the work.

Charges will be relatively more if the windows and exterior of the building need power wash, scrapping or chemical treatment. In some high-rise building, even accessibility will be difficult. In such cases, companies use special elevators or automatic ladders to reach the areas and use rope access and other special equipment, which may add up to the cost.

Extra charges will be applicable for screen cleaning, cleaning skylights and storm windows, cleaning window wells or exterior light fixtures. Also, the places where the cost of living is low, the window cleaning charges will be proportionately less and vice-versa.

How to choose the right window cleaning company

Since the risks involved in skyscraper window cleaning services is much less compared to other conventional means, window cleaners using rope access deliver quality services at much faster pace. Since all the materials and chemicals used for cleaning purposes are environment friendly and of highest standard, building owners can look for best maintenance service with lowest interruption to residents or occupants.


Since there are quite a few in the market, it may be difficult for you to filter out the armatures from the experienced. Search for quality window cleaners from the internet and make a list of service providers in your area and neighborhood.

Check whether they are indeed expert in doing window cleaning for commercial buildings, number of years in the business and quality of the workers – whether they are trained, well equipped, insured, etc.

If you get the names through references, check their customers and get their feedbacks about the company’s deliverability, cost and quality of work. If you find negative reviews or adverse feedbacks from customers, just move on to find another.

As the works involved are dangerous, ask whether they have license to operate in your area, use safe and latest technology/equipment and their staff are adequately insured. Otherwise, you will be in trouble in case of accident. You will have to bear hefty compensation and also face legal process.

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